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  • Friday 29th September 14:00 - 17:00
DescriptionExclusive distributor of SCARYBIRD products in Serbia. Products are aimed to help agricultural producers in fight against damage made by bird pests.

Bird pests cause great damage to all types of agricultural land (fields, vineyards, orchards, vegetable, fishponds ...) as well as on irrigation systems, silage bags, etc. and thus cause major headaches to agricultural producers. Damage sometimes reaches a value of 50% of the yield, which is a major loss in production.

Experts from the French company SCARYBIRD have observed that lesser birds are afraid of only a large predator who refuses them with their appearance. Therefore,  a dragon with a look of a grabber (eagle, a hawk) was constructed from a special material, which winds up at the top of a special telescope and simulates the flight of the great predator in a completely asymmetrical flight.

The device has shown high efficiency, 100% is environmentally friendly, don`t use energy except wind, it is not noise, it is not invasive, easy to install and carry, and most importantly, it is not expensive and it takes more seasons!                 

In a square or slightly rectangular shape, the device covers an area of ​​about 1 ha without shelter (buildings, forests). The device is interesting for farmers, seeders, fruit growers, winegrowers, and it is also suitable for the protection of ponds from cormorants. Can be used at airports, marinas and buildings against bird flock, gulls and pigeons. Organic food producers have shown a special interest!

Professional materials of high strength and elasticity, resistant to atmospheric influences, were used in construction.

Installation involves first installing a ground stand (fiberglass, full profile), on which a telescope rod (6m or 9m height) is placed, on whose top a dragon has been hooked on a kevlar rope.

Official website WWW.SCARYBIRD.COM is also made in Serbian and a few well known languages !

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